"What the internet has done for global COMMUNICATION integration, blockchain will do for global TRANSACTION integration"

Jesper Toft


At IBTECH we focus on end-user applications based on blockchain technology.

Creating user friendly solutions to private
end-users, as well as businesses and organizations is the key to unleashing the potential of blockchain.

It is the accessible services, online and on mobile, that bring the commercial value to users, while blockchain is the underlying technology offering new opportunities quantum leaping any existing digital verification process.

Simply put, blockchain technology offers the function of a global electronic “public notary”.

It can securely verify the authenticity of almost any matter or process between two or more parties not known to each other in advance.

As an example it can function as a signature to a document or a verification of a transaction;

  1. It verifies the transaction can take place,

  2. it facilitates the transaction or event, and

  3. it keeps a permanent ledger that it took place.

IBTECH has a dual approach to bringing services based on blockchain technology to market:

  • We operate our own services for customers to use, and

  • We provide application development services to clients.

Success lies not in the technology itself - but in the new functions it enables - and their use.