Applications on Blockchain operates is a crypto-crypto-currency online exchange

Online Exchange

The GSUexchange is a primary market place for trading of the digital Global Stability Unit, GSU, to and from fiat currencies. Trading of other digital units such as BTC (bitcoin) and ETH (ethereum) is also possible.

The exchange offers easy to use flows; deposits and withdrawals of currencies and cryptos, trading and transactions - all accompanied by a full account and transaction overview.

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Mobile Wallet App

Via our subsidiary, we publish the GSUwallet app, an easy to use app for iOS and Android enabling end-users’ handling and transaction of crypto-units.

The GSUwallet app offers an innovative integration of blockchain technology with well-known functions such as live updates of crypto value to 35 currencies, swipe-and-send, address book, transactions download, etc.

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Approved by Danish FSA

We are a Danish FSA registered operator of crypto trading and crypto wallet services.
This means that we comply with the same regulatory requirements in regards to KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anit-Money Laundering) as traditional financial institutions.   

Danish FSA