Applications on Blockchain for stakeholders offers a straight forward and transparent opportunity to investors interested in blockchain-based applications and solutions

Blockchain a game changer, why?

New technologies with big potential are sometimes described as “disruptive” to existing business structures. This is also the case with blockchain. Like the internet, which over the past 25 years has fundamentally changed many industries, blockchain has a similar potential to change almost any process that requires a secure verification between parties known - or unknown to each other.

What makes blockchain technology so “disruptive” or innovative is not so much what it can do, but the way it does it and most importantly, the price at which it can do it.

Blockchain technology enables the same secure verification as existing alternatives - but at a fraction of the price. This opens the door for new participants to enter the market and for new services to emerge.   


You are invited - Join us is the primary business that commercializes the distribution and use of the world’s most stable unit, the GSU. owns its trading system and applications, and we:

  • Have a strong value proposition
  • Address a real problem; reducing risk and cost
  • Target a very big market
  • Have the applications to reach that market, and
  • Have the team to achieve what we envisage.

We invite you to join us as investor and believe that our proposition in a market set for growth along with our proven technologies and recent regularotry clarification forms an attractive opportunity for any investor.

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From here to everywhere

IBTECH is incorporated in Denmark which offers one of the world's most transparent, highly stable and least corrupt business environments benefitting investors.

This basis also provides an ideal starting point for expansion and global reach into a world where our applications will otherwise connect users irrespective of geography.

Regulatory compliance

The regulatory framework for companies operating in the crypto- and blockchain arena has of January 2020 been clarified to the great benefit of users, investors and other stakeholders.

IBTECH has received approval for registration with the Danish FSA as a company offering trading between crypto and currencies as well as crypto wallet functions. As such, we comply with regulatory requirements such as KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering).